20-23 September 2021
Europe/Athens timezone

Cosmic Acceleration Induced by Friedmann-Static Shock Waves

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Oral presentation


Mr Christopher Alexander (University of California - Davis)


In 1970, Taub sought to construct a particular two-parameter family of spherically symmetric self-similar shock-wave solutions to the Einstein field equations with a perfect fluid source. This family would consist of a Friedmann-like interior spacetime expanding into a static exterior spacetime, the physical realisation of which would be a general relativistic explosion. Taub was not successful, but in 2002 Smoller and Temple were able to construct an interior family of Friedmann-like spacetimes local to the centre of expansion. These Friedmann-like spacetimes had the interesting property of inducing an accelerated expansion despite solving the Einstein field equations in the absence of a cosmological constant. This observation led Smoller and Temple to conjecture that a vast primordial shock wave, consisting of a Friedmann-like spacetime on the interior, could account for the cosmic acceleration observed today without the need for dark energy. In this talk I will demonstrate how to construct this family of Friedmann-Static shock waves numerically and then outline the details of a formal existence proof. Furthermore, the predicted rate of expansion induced by these shock waves and their viability as cosmological models will be discussed.

Primary author

Mr Christopher Alexander (University of California - Davis)

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