20-23 September 2021
Europe/Athens timezone

The rise and fall of the black hole chemistry

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Oral presentation


Prof. David Kubiznak (Perimeter Institute)


We reconsider the thermodynamics of AdS black holes in the context
of gauge-gravity duality. In this new setting where both the cosmological
constant $\Lambda$ and the gravitational Newton constant $G$ are varied
in the bulk, we rewrite the first law in a new form containing both $\Lambda$
(associated with thermodynamic pressure) and the central charge $C$ of
the dual CFT theory and their conjugate variables. This has the very
interesting consequence that varying bulk pressure (as done in the black
hole chemistry literature) no longer qualitatively changes phase diagrams.
Their qualitative behavior depends entirely on the value of the central charge
– in particular, phase transitions of charged black holes only exist provided
the dual CFT has a sufficient number of degrees of freedom. In this sense our
work marks "the fall” of black hole chemistry as traditionally understood,
but opens up a new frontier for exploring its relationship with the AdS/CFT

Primary authors

Dr Wan Cong (Perimeter Institute/University of Waterloo) Prof. David Kubiznak (Perimeter Institute) Prof. Robert Mann (University of Waterloo)

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