Jun 15 – 18, 2022
Europe/Athens timezone
Organising committee: k. Kordas, (Chair, AUTH), D.Sampsonidis (AUTH), A.Kyriakis (NCSR Demokritos), K. Papageorgiou (UAegean) A. Petkou (AUTH), Ch.Petridou (AUTH), V. Spanos (NKUA), S.E.Tzamarias (AUTH), N.Vlachos (AUTH), K.Zachariadou (UNIWA)

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place Friday July 17, at 20.00 at the restaurant  KAMARES  behind the Rotonda.

(40.63304374017323,   22.953797067565336) 

Cost: 15 euros, to be paid at the conference desk.


Indicative menu:
Salads per 4 people: 
KAMARES (green leaves, peppers, tomato, cucumber, onion, olive, grated feta, balsamic dressing with honey)
Mix of boiled vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, brussels sprouts accompanied by extra virgin olive oil)

APPETIZERS per 4 people
Zucchini chips
Fresh fried potatoes 
Hard cheese (kefalotyri) accompanied by sour cherry "spoon" sweet
Variety of fried mushrooms with cream cheese Kennel

Main Dishes per 4 people
Variety of meats (chicken leg fillet, pork chops, Trikalino sausage, beef burgers)
Unlimited Soft Drinks
Unlimited Wine